Why Gravity Bongs are Dope

Why Gravity Bongs are Dope By Joshua Oh, the GB. The Gravity Bomb. The get you higher than you ever need to be singular piece of smoking equipment that you never knew you needed. Gravity bongs, which for the uninitiated is a method of smoking cannabis utilising air pressure and water, which I’ll explain in […]

Tips for Growing Outdoors at Home

Tips for Growing Outdoors at Home By Joshua Growing cannabis can be a very rewarding experience, but it can also be frustrating if you aren’t prepared properly. With a little guidance, growing cannabis outdoors can lead to big yields, with the added benefits of much lower costs as opposed to growing indoors. The cost is […]

The Strongest Strains

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The Strongest Strains By Joshua Cannabis has come along in leaps and bounds in quality since the early days, when the only Kush you could get your hands on looked like grass clippings and was about as potent. Breeders have been perfecting their craft in order to create the strongest, most dank, delicious strains possible. […]

Growing Terms you should Know

Growing Terms you should Know By Joshua For first-time growers, the world of cannabis cultivation can be a daunting one. There is an overload of articles on the web full of tips, but a lot of them use jargon that can be more difficult to understand than Klingon (a Star Trek reference for those who […]

Cannabis Medical Myths

Cannabis Medical Myths Medical cannabis is a topic that many people do not understand. The misunderstanding is a hurdle created in the industry and has led to a number of myths arising. Here are a few myths that have been created and the truth behind them. Medical Cannabis hasn’t been studied enough: Over the years […]

Cannabis and COVID-19: Managing Stress and Anxiety Through the Pandemic

Cannabis and COVID-19: Managing Stress and Anxiety Through the Pandemic The last year has created a unique position for everyone around the world. The virus that has put majority of life on hold has not excluded any one group of people. With the pandemic creating waves of uncertainty there has been a spike in anxiety, […]

Can You Study High?

Can You Study High? By Joshua (Disclaimer: if you are underage, you should not be smoking at all, and certainly not before you try to study. In fact, you should not even be reading this article.)We’ve all been there. You’ve got an exam in a couple of days, but your housemate/homie/dealer just gave you some […]

Why don’t you Dream after Smoking Weed?

Why don’t you Dream after Smoking Weed? By Joshua One would think that smoking some daaaank bud would make you have wildly intense, vivid dreams. But funnily enough, the exact opposite is true. It’s more likely for your dreams to become more intense once you stop or take a break from smoking.“I honestly thought that […]

Celebrities Hotboxing The Cannabis Industry Today

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Celebrities Hotboxing The Cannabis Industry Today By Joshua “I have been working on my own weed company for the last ten years and we are finally ready to launch.” Seth Rogan has announced that his company “Houseplant” will commence its operations in California this coming April. Opening its doors in Canada around 2019, Houseplant was founded by […]

10 Films You Should Watch (While Stoned)

The 10 different types of Stoners By Joshua For those who know, there is no greater experience than watching a classic stoner movie while being absolutely blazed on the couch. Thankfully, someone in Hollywood must have had a similar experience, as a whole genre of movies dedicated to the art of getting high have graced […]