Samantha Anderson – Testimonial

The Princess and A Bong Every journey begins with a single step. In my case, one could say it began with a few falls and bruises first. To understand, or better still, to grasp just how drastically cannabis has altered the direction of my life, is not an easy task. My childhood was far removed […]

Canna-Pregnancy – Giving Birth, Breastfeeding and Immunization

Canna-Pregnancy – Giving Birth, Breastfeeding and Immunisation This is the second and final part of my canna-pregnancy experience. Before we delve into this, I would like to say a huge thanks for the overwhelming response I received from the first article. There were a lot of women who posed numerous questions wanting to find out […]


Canna-Pregnancy – Quanita Booley Patient – Doctor, I would like to use cannabis in my pregnancy. What are your thoughts? Doctor – The answer is no; it will be too risky for the baby. This is the kind of response that a woman can expect to receive when she speaks to her doctor about consuming […]

Oom Boom Testimonial

Testimonial – Oom Boom My journey with cannabis started in 1991-92 in J-bay. The first time I smoked it left me wondering what this is all about and why are all my friends laughing so much as it did nothing for me. The third or fourth time I smoked it had an effect and it […]