Legalisation: What’s Potting?

Legalisation: What’s Potting? The recently presented 5th draft of the National Cannabis Master Plan (NCMP) states that in 2019 Cabinet took a decision “… that the country needs a national strategy to commercialise cannabis”. The achievement of this objective was, and is, seen as being of critical importance to the growth of our economy as […]

Canna Fields

Canna Fields Hemp farming is nothing new. The earliest records of hemp being used by farmers dates back as early as 2800BCE, in ancient China. However, as our sciences and agricultural practises have evolved, we have taken the humble hemp plant from near obscurity to the cutting edge of industry. From textiles to building houses, […]

The KZN economic Cannabis industries Model 2021

The KZN economic Cannabis industries Model 2021 The Cannabis Development Council of KwaZulu Natal The Bobby Greenhash Foundation (BGF) was formed in 2010, and as an organisation, they set out to achieve certain goals in the South African, and later, international Cannabis markets. The BGF was initially started as an activist organisation lobbying for the […]