Purpose and Value

South Africa’s need for economic growth, development and opportunity in the emerging market of the Cannabis industry can only be fully unveiled by applying structure and oversight.

The CannaGuard Management System provides a realtime overview reporting of trade and cultivation values on a national scale to assist governance of this sector. Using this system will allow the industry to overcome hurdles and enforce regulation and transparency that will help reduce illegal trade in Cannabis and related Cannabis products to a more formalised structure by building and creating opportunities in a governed business sector that requires legislative framework.

Value Chain

CannaGuard’s oversight thought principal addresses issues in each market segment within the cannabis


  1. Utilisation of the CannaGuard system will give policy and law makers real-time data and reporting. All the information required to make recommendations for legislative changes to grow this emerging market.
  2. Giving law enforcement (Department of Justice and Correctional Services) the tools required to govern and police the industry without the need for harsh policing or unnecessary raids and investigations.
  3. Have the ability to grow the industry through governance and transparency.
  4. Create value chains by bringing corporate manufacture to the forefront by building an understanding of the needs in each sector of the industry. This will allow for the creation of various opportunities between industrial manufacturing and cooperative grow programs, alleviating poverty.
  5. Rural development and structure management – training and skills development across the board with the intent of wealth creation in the informal and traditional growers’ sector. With management and oversight of this for DTI (Department of Trade and Industry).
  6. CannaGuard will enforce strict management policies to soon be seen as the exemplary standard to the cannabis industry worldwide.
  7. With strict management and good business practices, we could finally open the recreational markets, opening the doors to a bigger footprint that would even assist the tourism industry. African landrace strains are sought after worldwide, this combined with our wildlife and unique tourist destinations would grow the economy massively.
  8. Most importantly (which would bring great value to the economy and Department and Treasury) will be the total uptake and management of the grey and illegal markets added onto the value chains and being beneficiaries to the local economy and in turn growing the fiscus.


Who would use the CannaGuard Management System 

Any establishment, company or individual wanting to get involved or find employment in the Cannabis or hemp industry will now have the opportunity to further pursue their aspirations by being part of the CannaGuard system.

The use of the CannaGuard technology for its real-time data reporting of the trade and movement of cannabis, with its intricate 3rd party checks and balances, will be a first in the world. The system will be a driving force in the encouragement of partnership creation and the development of new sectors within the cannabis industry to supply local and international markets, bringing in much needed revenue and opportunities for all South Africans.

How would using this system benefit the Cannabis industry

By bringing in a strong regulatory system that uses realtime technology to interact and report in the cannabis industry the CannaGuard Management System will drive a more efficient methodology and transparency. This will be beneficial in the cultivation sector and especially cooperative and informal growers in rural areas in creating opportunities to be part of the market that they would have otherwise not been able to access. The use of the system will also help set out rules and regulations for the trade and/or prescription of cannabis in each sector in terms of consumption (whether it be for recreational, pharmaceutical or homeopathic purposes) of any products that contain CBD or THC. This would also be beneficial for record and data purposes in other cannabis industry sectors such as education, cosmetic, food and beverages and research and development.

In addition to this, any medical practitioner should also be given the opportunity to join this market through national regulatory licensing to prescribe or treat patients with products containing cannabis.

Concept Example – Recreational Club (Private Members Club)

With the CannaGuard Management System acting as a regulatory body, a licensing strategy could be created using the policy framework for cannabis with amendments made to legislation.

  1. The individual or organisation would apply for a cannabis club license through the CannaGuard Management System.
  2. The applicant/s would have to conform to the stringent rules as set out by the regulatory body (CannaGuard) and all applicable government departments, including:
    1. Strict industry standards of operation.
    2. Continual inspection by CannaGuard representative.
    3. Approval of real-time reporting of trade and movement of cannabis to government departments.
    4. Approval of law enforcement officials viewing dashboards of operation and trade to identify irregularities and law breaking through the CannaGuard technology.
  3. The Recreational Club would also have requirements to contribute to socio-economic development of the community.
    1. The cannabis provided by the Recreational Club to its members would be sourced from:
      1. Small scale farm (informal/traditional/ cooperative growers) that are registered as growers on the CannaGuard platform, representing 1/3 of the stock of cannabis.
      2. The clubs own house brands grown under its own license, representing 2/3 of the stock of cannabis.
      3. Big Pharma GMP facility, representing the last third of stock of cannabis.


The law enforcement framework which would be regulated and overseen by independent private security structures and national intelligence officials, or industry specific task teams would assist in the management and auditing of the cannabis industry for compliance. They would also assist in moving the grey space of the industry to the regulatory framework.

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