Qure Analytics

The Cannabis industry has been growing and flourishing rapidly over the past few years. There is a vast number of new businesses and entrepreneurs launching new products to the market, aspiring and experienced cultivators wanting to grow cannabis flower that is superior to others, and users who are spoilt for choice on the cannabis genetics available to them.

This industry needs a company to test these products whether it be bud or manufactured oils, edibles, creams, the list of products available on the market is enormous. This is where Qure Analytics comes in to provide us with reliable, accurate and consistent information on all cannabis-related products.

Qure Analytics is made up from a group of professionals with backgrounds in chemistry, science, healing, business, agriculture and cannabis. They share a passion for the healing powers that the cannabis plant provides.

Whether you are a user, producer or grower of Cannabis, Qure Analytics has the expertise and equipment to test any type of product on the market. Whether you need an analysis on potency, cannabinoids or terpene profiling all the way through to residual solvents and microbial count testing. You will get all the information you need to make an informed decision on your bud or product in its quality. Their portfolio of available testing has now also expanded to be able to report on the presence of mycotoxins, heavy metals and pesticides.

The growing recognition by authorities that Cannabis is a valuable source of industrial material, food and medicine, coupled with the potential for Cannabis cultivation to be a key economic driver for reconstruction after COVID-19, creates an urgent need for the Cannabis industry to be formalised.

Standards are a vital component of a formalised industry. Standards ensure that all Cannabis products on the market – whether raw flower or manufactured products – are safe to use and can be trusted to meet label claims.

Qure Analytics utilises a strict guideline into the proposed standards that they have developed and researched based on their own experience and expertise.

Their analytical methods are gas chromatography-based where possible to have minimal impact on the environment. All methods used are validated and scrutinised in terms of precision, accuracy, robustness and ruggedness to ensure the utmost reliability.

If you would like to find out more about their testing options or to book a test, visit their website on www.qure.co.za


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