How To Store Cannabis Seeds Correctly

Storing cannabis seeds from your favorite strain is part and parcel of every growers skillset!

A few easy pointers can make or break your next grow, so roll up a slow boat and take some notes. Harvesting for seed is an important step in ensuring your herb stash stays well above minimal levels. This means in order to continue producing those very special strains, you will need to collect and sustain good seed health until the next planting. Breeders and seasoned growers alike benefit from the collection and correct storage of seed.

Cannabis seeds are very resilient and although this is true, it is vitally important to handle them with care! Too much pressure from gripping fingertips and rolling about can easily damage your seed.

Humidity is also a key element in preserving seeds. Excessively high humidity levels can invite a host of bacterial, fungal or microbial infections. A dry ambient temperature can easily be achieved by simply wiping and cleaning the container used, and ensuring that the volume of air inside said container, remains minimal.

Light can cause a number of problems when storing seeds. Opaque containers not only blackout external sources of light, but help to regulate temperatures and reduce humidity factors.

Last but not least comes the question of seed storage duration? How long can cannabis seed remain viable?

Seed that is stored under perfect conditions?

Seed that is stored correctly can last up to a year. The alternative is to refrigerate your seed. Keeping them dry during this process via consistent cold chain storage procedures makes all the difference!

Treat your seed like the gems they are, a deep appreciation of what these tiny miracles can produce is a testament to their marvel!

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