Amber Solar

The Greek translation for the word amber is elektron, derived most possibly from the tiny sparks that are formed as a result of friction. Ancient humans revered these precious stones and believed the sparks were the fire of the old gods.

It is these very sparks that ignited the fire behind a South African based company known as Amber Solar. While still in the early stages, they are grounded by a passionate and experienced team who bring an authentic approach to an industry which has dismissed the principals that inspire people to “go green” in a race for quick profits.

Ben York founded Amber Electrical (Pty) LTD approximately four years ago and comes from an almost extinct class of Artisan Electricians. His sense of positivity and willingness to impart his incredible reservoir of knowledge is a driving force for his team.

Dylan Hawkins is the hands-on asset to Amber Solar. He has been an avid student of electronics for many years, and his keen business instinct has helped Amber Solar develop integrated systems that allow extensive cost saving, backed by impeccable customer service records.

While Ben has actively been working within the electrical sectors for most of his life, Dylan began his journey with Amber Solar just over a year ago. Coming from a technical background gained through working in the family-owned printing business, which unfortunately closed its doors after twenty-five years due to the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions. He has set a precedent through his systematic approach to work and life. Dylan has always had a keen interest in eco-friendly alternative power systems and is fueling the move towards solar powered homes and industry.

Amber Solar was initiated during a very difficult time in 2020. A time when many people faced the prospect of central grid electricity failures, largely due to national grid overloads. The panic and desperation that ensued hit home, and both Ben and Dylan have been involved in projects centered around repairing the damages left in its wake. The impact of depending on these amenities and how detrimental the failure of service providers to deliver consistently became evidently clear to the team. Amber Solar is based on two sound principles that encompass a quick response solution, while still remaining affordable to households living in isolated locations or off grid.

The various packages offered by Amber Solar employ a strategic individually styled approach, which sees a merging of Ben’s experience and Dylan’s focus for optimal service delivery.

From the evaluation and planning stages the team incorporates a specific needs analysis, which essentially helps to determine the particular requirements of the client or grower. Amber Solar covers both the supply of all components, solar panels, inverters and lights as well as the installation thereof.

The Amber Solar team is also in the process of finalising a very exciting chapter, in what will be a first for South Africa. Ben plans to have a skills development and training program in full swing very shortly. His vision of “zero to trade tested” will see an opportunity for students to gain a foothold in life. The main objective is to have a comprehensive set or phases of learning, whereby the academic syllabus is tied into a detailed practical skills development set. One of the many objectives outlined in the programs will be the availability to persons living with disabilities. Ben and Dylan are aiming to see South Africa’s first disabled artisan electrician emerge from the company’s efforts. The concept will be structured organically, as Ben firmly believes that students should be given the opportunity to merge into one of the four Amber departments, depending on their field of specialisation. Starting from scratch and growing within the Amber family is an idea that is aimed at embracing diversification at every level. Specific training will be provided to students in either the Amber electrical, Amber Solar or Amber Networking departments.

By creating a hub of skills and talent within the Amber family that can be accessed instantly, provides clients with the best in service delivery. Students will also have access to business management and entrepreneurial training phases in order to give them the leadership abilities required to be the next generation of SME owners in South Africa and abroad.

Amber Solar offers turnkey solutions where often temporary and very expensive fixes fail. Their principles of completely off grid applications and keen sense of client needs is a defining aspect which sets this team above the rest.

On one final note.

On behalf of Skyf.Co magazine we would like to congratulate Dylan and his fiancée on the birth of their beautiful baby girl. Many blessings to you and your family.

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