Making Waves with Manta Ray Plettenberg Bay

The tides are turning for cannabis enthusiasts and smokers alike in Plettenberg Bay! We recently had an amazing opportunity to touch base with Wesley Whitehead, co-owner and artist behind a very unique shop located at Hillhouse, Main Street in the heart of Plettenberg Bay.

The inspiration and passion started for Wesley largely through experiencing the miraculous medical benefits cannabis offers users. His wife, who has been a long-term smoker, uses cannabis to treat a number of health issues including OCD and ADHD. Wesley initially had his doubts about cannabis, and at one stage was opposed to the use of herb.

It was in this first-hand experience and the phenomenal results that his wife experienced, that Wesley sought to educate and explore the full potential of the plant. The pandemic and ensuing lockdown restrictions resulted in smokers throughout South Africa tightening their belts, as the availability of resources diminished at frightening rates. This was the spark that ignited what had become a deep passion for Wesley and his brother Jason, who then pushed ahead and opened Manta Ray Vape shop. Essentially a go-to for a range of products and services uncommon in similar establishments. Besides an extensive and diverse range of products, including vape and dab rigs, rolling and smoking accessories, the shop offers a selection of vape juice, blended with artisanal skill and flare. Distinctive, and yet consistently of the highest quality, to suit every preference and pocket.

The Manta Ray Vape Shop provides a much-needed service and sought-after supply to the enthusiastic local cannabis community in Plettenberg Bay and the Garden Route itself that has been growing at an exponential rate in the past few years.

As an experienced vaper and smoker himself, Wesley has set the standard by stocking a list of absolute essentials. Only the highest quality items make it onto the shelves, and Wesley ensures that strict guideline assurance processes are adhered to.

Coupled with a massive spectrum of vaping and smoking products, and a multitude of must haves for any toker, is the opportunity to experience the warm and welcoming vibe of Manta Ray Vape. With assistance and advise centered around providing an opportunity for anyone interested in the vape and cannabis phenomenon to acquire accurate and beneficial assistance from seasoned professionals.

 Manta Ray Vape shop has fast become a hit with locals and plans for the near future will see an increase in products, with a focus on new and trending developments in the cannabis vape and smoking industry. Wesley has big plans for where and how he wants to direct his efforts, and highlighted what he believes is a positive narrative, that incorporates the community and allows cannabis users from all walks of life to benefit from what new ideas have to offer. Sound principals based on personal experiences, and a desire to see one man’s dream materialize, has bolstered the success of Manta Ray Vape!

Manta Ray Vape has committed to principals which underwrite the cannabis community. The honest and personalized approach has set the bar many have struggled to reach.

So next time you find yourself in Plettenberg Bay be sure to bring your swimsuit, because Manta Ray is making waves!

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