Easy Growing with Grow Easy Plettenberg Bay

The resounding success of local Plettenberg Bay cannapreneur Wesley Whitehead is truly a story of triumph in the face of adversity when one considers the origins of Grow Easy. Situated in Hillhouse Main Street, located in the small town of Plettenburg Bay, and currently sharing a premises with sister company Manta Ray, this once small enterprise has quickly developed organically into a booming “One stop shop” for growers of every discipline.

Whilst the shop offers a range that essentially covers all the angles, in terms of cannabis cultivation from seed to crop, it is by far the personalized attention that keeps customers rolling in!

A number of products including soils, lighting, hydroponics units and components are presented in a well organised and friendly environment. Besides the array of nutrients and various growing amenities, patrons have the benefit of Wesley and his dedicated staff’s combined decades of experience. Wesley offers a great deal of his time and knowledge in advising growers, and often assists clubs and individuals in utilizing new developments and technology, in order to better the end product.

Plettenberg Bay is unfortunately like many towns around South Africa relatively isolated, and for anyone who has grown cannabis it is easy to grasp the frustration associated with online purchasing and delivery costs. Grow Easy has seamlessly filled a vital need in a community now more centred around private cultivation, as a means to walk within the narrow confines of current legislation.

Specialised growing and breeding techniques are one of Wesley’s great loves, and he drives that into his work producing strains of unique and exquisite lineage. Indoor, outdoor and a range of hydroponic units are but a few of the systems Grow Easy caters for by embracing a scientific and research-based approach, while accommodating every growers preference.

Grow Easy also stocks a number of tester units, including calibration kits and buffers. The range of lights and a complete range of accessories beckons even the most resilient of us.

Future endeavours for the business include a shift into a bigger premises in order to accommodate a wider range of products that can be utilized across the full private and commercial growing spectrum.

Wesley has plans to venture into commercial production, and as with many of us, hopes to see a shift in governments thinking take on a positive effect with the opportunity that lies ahead in terms of revenue and job creation.

Grow Easy has been a hands-on endeavour for Wesley, and its success in an uncertain and tough economy has been remarkable when we consider the events of 2020. Wesley has been assisting as a “Grow coach” via social platforms since day one, and his efforts have been well received by many who have experienced his kind and sincere nature.

We look forward to seeing this cannasseur dreams and passion grow as the domestic situation and legislation make it more difficult for local SMEs in the canna industry to trade and keep the doors open. Wesley is no stranger to hard work, and holds true to his fair and customer satisfaction driven approach in conducting business and life!

If you happen to stop in at Manta Ray vape shop, be sure to step in next door, and take a look at what it means to Grow Easy Plett!

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