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Aurora+ Seed Germinator.

This issue we take a look at the Aurora+ Seed Germinator.

There are a million and one ways to germinate your cannabis seeds, most of which are old school, haphazard, and probably don’t result in much success. There is genuinely nothing worse than getting a seed of your favourite strain (that you’ve probably had to order online), and then messing up the germination process and wasting the seed. It’s enough to make you want to pull your hair out.

Luckily, we live in the 21st century, and some clever humans have developed a way to ensure that you never have to worry about losing valuable seeds to sketchy germination techniques. The clever humans we are talking about in particular, are the lovely people behind Aurora+, whose nifty new product represents a brand-new era in germination.

So, what is it? What is this gift from the ganga gods that we are talking about?

Well, Aurora+ is a product that ensures your seeds have the perfect environment to grow up in. By combining anodized aluminium, microprocessor technology and some slick designs, the team at Aurora+ have created an ideal germination environment. Their product will cocoon your seeds in evenly distributed heat and hydration, allowing them the perfect opportunity to flourish and bless you with delightful abundance.

You may be wondering how it works right about now, perhaps with apprehension that there will be some funky science jargon thrown around, that you won’t understand. Luckily for you, its devilishly simple.

To start off, you plug in the device (an important first step), choose one of two temperature settings, add some cotton or one of the punched pads that comes with the product, throw in your lovely little seed, add just a few drops of water and close the lid! No need to hide the seeds that you’ve wrapped in cotton on top of the fridge in the garage of your mother’s home anymore!

The Aurora+ device will give your seed all the time it needs to do its thing by providing just the right amounts of warmth, airflow, and light that allows the germination process to be effortless and in record time.

Germination failures as a result of environmental factors are so last year. So, if you want to minimise your seed loss and reduce your germination time, get with the program and have a look into the Aurora+.

Testimony: By @rygrow on Instagram

This is the Aurora plus from @ourhappyearthco_because_nature it’s a temperature controlled seed starter. I decided to give it a real test and decided to germinate the hardest thing I could think of! Peppers! Why peppers? Because they take forever to germinate usually around 14 days, they also require a fairly warm environment something hard to come by in winter. Popped the seeds in using the supplied tweezers and cotton disks, gave them a little water and set it up to the hot mode. Within 5 days I had successfully germinated all 10. I cannot say how impressive this is, half the time in the wrong season!

If you care at much as I do about germinating from seed then you definitely need to get your hands on one. It’s beautifully made out of a single piece of milled metal, it feels sturdy as hell and just fits together so nicely. The addition of the cotton wool cutouts, tweezers and a dropper were all really nice considerations. Overall a beautifully designed and executed device that exceeded my expectations!

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