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BESTO - Doing What He Does Best

Spring is just around the corner, things are finally heating up in Mzanzi, and local DJ and producer Tshediso Matsasa, better known as Besto, is ready to supply the beats for your best blazing summer yet.

The 28-year-old deep house maestro from Westonaria has been perfecting his turntable skills for the better part of the last two decades, listing greats such as DJ Black Coffee and Louie Vega as his role models, but when it comes to his musical roots, family was his greatest influence by far.

During a recent interview with Skyf.Co Magazine, he explained how his musical journeys began.

“I think it’s a family thing,” said Besto. “My family is from Lesotho, and my father and his brothers got into DJing and had a thing called ‘Fire Force’, which became kind of big. He and my mother also used to be in a choir, so there is a lot of musical background coming from my parents that got passed down to me.”

When he was 13 years old, a friend introduced him to Soul Candi, and that’s when Besto fell in love with deep house. He followed the progressive house evolution throughout his teens, eventually branching off into New Disco and techno after he went to university. He has since combined all these different genres into a sound that is uniquely his own, and is currently working on an EP that will be released soon with a UK record label.

“It will be released by We Are Idyll Records, so shout out to Alex Bushman for that,” Besto continued. “And then there will be more music to come, apart from that obviously, but that is my main focus for the near future.”

Deep house enthusiasts who would like to have a listen to Besto’s deck spinning talents can catch him on all major platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, with his handle @Besto_Kai1.

“There are links to my music and catalogues on every streaming platform, as well as links to my mixes on Mixcloud.”

Want to know a bit more about this aspiring deep house star? Check out his bio:


Tshediso Nicholas Matsasa

Age: 28

Birthday: 11 July – He’s a Cancer, ladies.

Location:  Westonaria, Johannesburg

Heroes:  Black Coffee, Louie Vega, Alex Bushman


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