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How High is Too High?

If you are a regular smoker or enjoy nibbling on edibles, then you can relate to that feeling of complete instability that comes after you have reached your threshold of goofedness.

What exactly do we mean by threshold? Well, if like me you are a habitual daily smoker, you will undoubtedly find the idea completely absurd. The fact is that some cannabis users have managed to develop a tolerance that far exceeds that of the occasional smoker. To complicate matters, the popularity of infused edibles has given rise to a multitude of cases where individuals have consumed far beyond their normal limit.

There are however a few simple loopholes, and as with all thing’s cannabis related, some are more creative than others.


Don’t look down.

Visual and auditory distortions are not uncommon in cases of high THC consumption. The ambient mood and feel of a particular space may trigger feelings of unrest or unease. First off, make yourself comfortable, breathing in big, deep breaths will stabilize oxygen levels within your bloodstream and can serve as a focus point. Removing unwanted distractions and filling your space with calm energies will help to ground you, and inevitably centre your high.


Eat me…. drink me?

In the immortal words of Thanos, with everything in the universe there must be balance. Certain foods contain terpenes that scientists have proven block endocannabinoid receptors in the brain, which essentially respond to the psychoactive compound THC. These terpenes keep the receptors busy and in so doing subdue the effects of THC. Among the most notable are Black peppercorns. These pungent seeds are used in cooking, but reports have substantiated claims of its ability to “ground a high” quite effectively. Other foods that may produce similar effects include lemons and certain nuts, with some smokers attesting to the stoner fables and the effects of oranges and bananas.

Run rabbit… run!

 Get active! Although it may seem impossible in that moment, science has proven that even moderate exercise will increase blood flow and inevitably escalate the descent from above. Athletes who compete in marathons and endurance triathlons often refer to a phenomenon known as a “runners high”. This is a physiological response and is caused by the body triggering the release of an endocannabinoid called anandamide, which acts very much like the peppercorns tying up the specific receptors, thereby diminishing the trippy effects of THC. Even moderate or light physical activity will jump-start your body’s natural metabolic response and help diminish adverse effects quicker. As situational awareness becomes distorted, individuals experiencing the effects of over-consumption may become thirsty or feel completely dehydrated. Clean or sparkling water is the choice of champions here! Simple and additive free, it’s one of the most effective means to get your feet back on the ground, and nothing feels more grounding than a shower! Changing a physical aspect either on your person or through altering your surroundings will realign the focus stimulus of the brain, and if you are experiencing adverse physical effects such as nausea or pallor, it may also assist by distracting your brain from the immediate physical consciousness.

 Of course, I’m the real Alice

Smoking or consuming cannabis is a personal choice, some use it to escape their stresses and issues in life. The other spectrum of users will tell you that it allows them to make sense of an otherwise chaotic existence. There is no denying the ability of cannabis to cut our ties with the burdens and torments associated with living in a world saturated with opinions and ulterior motives. Studies conducted in the late 1970s suggest that our brain’s capacity to process and make sense of information is immeasurable. However, what we perceive as real is the product of filtering and refinement, which happens in a split second, so logically if the filters are clogged and the refining system is overloaded, then it is impossible to obtain a clear picture. Understanding the mechanism of thought and its processes gives cannabis users the ability to make educated and responsible choices. Differentiating between what is occurring in that moment through careful analysis gives you a “get out of jail free” card once those five brownies, that did nothing, finally kick in. While the effect of smoking cannabis has a relatively quick onset, edibles or infused consumables may take anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours before the effects are felt. Some of the strangest methods smokers have sworn by, which can easily be executed without great effort, include the heel jump, where the smoker stands upright and jumps straight up landing on their heels.


As a cannabis user you will find that sometimes less is more. Cannabis has the means to help humans transcend the limits of our senses and unlock the mentality to understand it. Use discretion and common sense when using any cannabis product and know your limits.

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