Crushing Covid-19 with Cannabis and Medical Marijuana Prescriptions

Amazing results obtained with cannabis in combating COVID-19 and doctors now prescribing Medical Marijuana.

The writing seems to be on the wall, as more research and evidence lends credibility to the healing power of cannabis. Recently, licensed cannabis producers in the Vaal area called for further clinical trials to be conducted in relation to cannabis and covid-19 treatment. A number of products have undergone testing and the outcomes have been nothing short of amazing.

 The Provincial Gauteng government confirmed its support for local cannabis industry development in the Vaal area, and awarded it special economic zone status. This is a designated area where medical cannabis is grown. Medicines approved by SAHPRA, specifically medical cannabis is dispensed through pharmacies in the Vaal area, and according to patients this has been a drastic improvement in terms of safety and quality control.

In 2020 Gauteng premier honorable David Makhura outlined government’s commitment to focus on the industrialisation and agro processing of the cannabis industry. He also highlighted the urgent need to unlock the cannabis industry, specifically for medical or medicinal purposes.

In the past year much has transpired, and although the actions that were outlined have come to form, there is still an urgent need for further research. The Vaal University of Technology has conducted extensive testing with the treatment of Covid -19 symptoms and cannabis. Dr Fanyana Mtunzi stated that the anecdotal evidence which was obtained while targeting the alpha variation of the virus, showed that certain cannabinoids prevent some cytokine storms. Dr Mtunzi highlighted the significance of this research, and reaffirmed the importance of focusing support and resources by government or the university itself in pushing forward with these studies.

CBD Full Spectrum was the first South African company to provide medical cannabis and oils to patients in the Vaal area. The necessary  documentation was submitted to the regulator (SAHPRA), and the application was approved. Patients will now be collecting medical cannabis prescriptions at pharmacies and doctors offices for the third month. Professor Benny De Beer, CEO of CBD Full Spectrum stated that all products are licensed and approved by SAHPRA, and that extensive testing and quality control efforts are essential in maintaining their premium standards. The company employs a number of skilled workers, and aims to increase their workforce by up to 1400 in the future.

Support from the Vaal Business Chamber has been reaffirmed by spokesperson Klippies Kritzinger, who gave set precedence in terms of the cry for job creation, and local economic investment. The business sector wants more cannabis investment in order to kick start the crippled economy and we are looking at the special economic zone as the beginning of a national economic reform that is critically needed.

Cosatu has embraced this move, and stated that inclusion and integration of informal growers should be noted as a fundamental in activating a cannabis economic investment initiative. Tony Ehrenreich (Cosatu Trade and Industry Representative) also stated that there is a need to open and expand the industry for new commercial ventures that include active participation by impoverished communities that have been growers historically.

Growers and interested parties alike are calling for the allocation of higher growing quotas, and have voiced the urgency in finalising South African export policies .

The plight of desperate communities who live without basic amenities should be evidence enough to the need for drastic reevaluation of governments plans to alleviate tough economic tensions. The writing is on the wall and very soon we may finally see our lawmakers open their eyes to an absolute truth, cannabis is a cure not a crime!

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