Where To Go (Grilled): The West Coast

By Joshua

Ahh, the beautiful, (mostly) untouched gem of South Africa. The West coast has a little bit of everything, mixed with a whole lotta rugged and remoteness. It’s the perfect place for a road trip, accompanied by some good weed and company.

West Coast National Park

About 120kms north of Cape Town you’ll find this national park, famous for its birdlife and spring flowers. You may just see Eland, red hartebeest, bontebok, kudu, gemsbok, steenbok, mountain zebra, duiker and ostriches, as well as predators like the bat-eared fox, caracal, and Cape gray mongoose. What’s better than seeing beautiful animals and plants after smoking a fatty?

See the flowers in Postberg

One of the sections of the West Coast National Park, Postberg is world famous for its flowers that bloom in Spring. Only open during August and September in order to ensure the best possible conditions for the flower season, Postberg is as untouched an area as you could find. The animals here have also never learned to fear humans and will willingly come cruising right next to your car.

Learn to kite surf in Langebaan

The Langebaan lagoon, formed by rising and falling sea levels in prehistoric times, is unlike most other lagoons, which form where freshwater meets the sea. The langebaan lagoon is purely salt water and is the perfect place to learn to kite surf. There are also over 300 species of birds in the area, so don’t forget to bring your binoculars. Langebaan, although founded as a whaling station, is still a pitstop for the magnificent creatures, which can often be spotted cruising by.

flowers, springs, posberg-2818647.jpg

Visit Jutten Island

A Dutch trading ship, the “Merenstein” crashed into the reefs just off the island in 1702, losing several chests of silver coins, of which only a part has been discovered. So, if you’re in the mood to go looking for lost treasure, this is the place to do it. Be warned though, it Is no easy dive, so be prepared before trying to make your fortune, and maybe don’t eat an edible just before diving in.


Go fishing in Saldanha Bay

With the largest natural harbour in South Africa, Saldanha Bay makes for the perfect spot to get yo fishing game on. It also helps that Saldanha is essentially the centre of the west coast fishing industry. So, you should be able to catch a galjoen or two. At about 105kms north of Cape Town, you will most certainly feel out of the hustle and bustle of the city, and can enjoy a lekker beer, bong, and braai while fishing with your tjommies.

Go for a surf at Elands Bay

Any surfer worth their salt will know all about the long left-hand point at Elands Bay, around 2 hours north of Cape Town. For any goofy footer (people that surf with their right foot forward) this is hallowed ground. It gets best in early winter, but be prepared, as the water and wind combine for one helluva icy combination. Bring all the rubber you own to insulate yourself. If you don’t surf, it’s still worth visiting for the sights and smells, and there’s nothing better than a spliff on the beach!