Growing Terms you should Know

By Joshua

For first-time growers, the world of cannabis cultivation can be a daunting one. There is an overload of articles on the web full of tips, but a lot of them use jargon that can be more difficult to understand than Klingon (a Star Trek reference for those who are confused). So, we at Skyf have decided to simplify things a little for you guys.
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Low Stress Training
This is when you bend the branches of your plant to ensure it grows in a specific direction, which can be useful if growing in a limited space. If you’re worried about potentially hurting your plant, don’t worry! Your cannabis plant can handle it, if you are gentle.
Topping is a technique by which you cut off the top of your plant, in order to make it grow thicker and fuller. For first-time growers, this may seem like a crazy thing to do, but it is a tried and tested technique to make your cannabis bushier.
By removing the lower and side branches, lollipopping helps your plant invest all its energy into the main branches. This can also help the plant invest its energy into creating larger buds as well.
Monster Cropping
Monster cropping is a one-way ticket to a high yield. It is a technique where you take clones of a plant during its flowering stage and replant them. These clones will also flower very quickly, which will give you a bumper crop.
Flushing is when you pour clean water though the soil of a plant to flush out all the solids and nutrients in its soil. This is done when your plant is in distress and needs some fresh nutrients or growing medium. This technique forces the plant to use the nutrients stored inside of it.
Screen of Green
This is when you attach a screen (either netting or chicken wire) at a certain height above the plants. What this then does is prevent the plants from getting too tall, and forces them to grow wider, exposing more of the plant to the sun.