Four of the Best: South African Cannabis Strains

By Joshua

Even though cannabis may have originated in Asia, it is in South Africa that several strains found their perfect home. We have a long and proud history of consistently producing some of the world’s best dagga, maybe due to the rains (and sun) being blessed down in Africa.
Our indoor is grown to an international standard, but it is outdoors that South Africa truly sets itself apart. With some of the best outdoor growing conditions in the world, several South African landrace strains have set about making a name for themselves on the global cannabis map.
It can be particularly daunting choosing what strain to use for your grow, be it your first or fiftieth. With this in mind, we’ve decided to make life a little bit easier for you as you decide how to invest your time, money, and effort into growing some stellar bud.
Our stellar conditions, although great for Indica strains, seem to have found its perfect match when combined with certain Sativas, and one especially has set the world alight with its potency and taste.
Durban Poison

The big daddy of South African Sativas, Durban Poison took the world by storm after being discovered by Ed Rosenthal in the 70’s. From South Africa, to California, and finally Amsterdam, Durban Poison has had a long and winding journey to becoming the “espresso of weed strains”. Known for its tall bushes, narrow fan leaves, and short flowering time, Durban Poison consistently tests between 16 and 24% THC. This strain has become famous for its energetic and creative high, and with less than 0.2% CBD, it is often used as an energy booster by those looking for a little extra kick with their morning coffee.

Malawi Gold

Number two on this list may not be purely South African, but it is an African strain that has become synonymous with cannabis cultivation in our beautiful country. Thought to have been brought to Southern Africa by Arab traders around the 15th century, this powerful sativa is blessed with a citrusy scent, and is known for its potent and stimulating effects. With around 17% THC and CBD levels lower than 0.7%, this surviving ancestor of modern cannabis produces a long lasting high often associated with pure Sativas. Good growers can expect a yield of up to 400g, with a typical Sativa flowering time around the 10-week mark.

Power Plant

Yet another powerful Sativa strain, Power Plant is a landrace that produces high THC levels of 20-26%. Originally developed in the Netherlands by Dutch Passion breeders in the early 90’s, Power Plant is known for its productive and uplifting high. This strain is championship-calibre, having won the 2006 Highlife Cup as well as several other awards since then. With a sharp and peppery taste and an earthy, woody aroma, this strain has fast become popular with South African growers. With a 500-600g yield when grown indoors, it is a favourite among growers looking for more bang for their buck.

South African Kwazulu

Probably the least famous strain on this list, South African Kwazulu might have the coolest origin story of the four. Grown for generations by Zulu tribesmen in Natal Highlands, this plant was considered vital to military preparations, and was often smoked just before battle, most famously in 1879, when outnumbered and outgunned Zulu warriors managed to repel British invaders from their homeland. This is yet another sativa and is well known for its happy and active high, with a THC level of around 17%. South African Kwazulu will work outdoors as well as it does indoors and can produce a yield of 450g plus.