Celebrities Hotboxing The Cannabis Industry Today

By Joshua

“I have been working on my own weed company for the last ten years and we are finally ready to launch.”
Seth Rogan has announced that his company “Houseplant” will commence its operations in California this coming April.
Opening its doors in Canada around 2019, Houseplant was founded by Seth Rogan and his best friend, the award winning screenwriter of “Superbad”, Evan Goldberg. The duo who had also collaborated in the film ‘Pinapple Express’ had been fortunate enough to be partnered and given the foundation to make their dream a reality with the help of an industry giant based out of Canada, ‘Canopy Growth’. Today, Canopy Growth is the largest worldwide leader in cannabis, selling its shares on the stock exchange.
For those who are unaware, in April 2020 Canopy Growth, which had initially promised economic empowerment in the form of 250 plus jobs, having already established a pharmaceutical manufacturer in the Atlantis suburbs, as well as owning a massive cannabis grow operation within Lesotho, abruptly decided its immediate withdrawal from Africa. According to The Business Insider, Canopy Growth had built the largest legal cannabis plant in Africa. Reasons why are not known as of yet.
Getting back to business, we at Skyf.Co have done some research to give you a glimpse at the various cannabis companies created by the celebrities who capture our souls on screen, or through our headphones. In no particular order, let’s begin with:

Snoop Dog

Born Calvin Broadus, also known as the ‘Doggfather”, created his own brand called ‘Leafs by Snoop’. Surprisingly, the distributor of ‘Leafs by Snoop’s’’ product is a subsidiary of canna-giant, Canopy Growth - just like Seth Rogan and company. The gangster rapper hoped on this lucrative train at the same time the legalization in Colorado began, back in 2015. ‘Leafs by Snoop’ has grown to expand into Canada.

Martha Stewart

For those who avidly follow pop culture, you will catch on to this mention, because Martha Stewart is known and is said to be a good friend of Snoop and his family. I even remember the pair hosting a cooking show after Martha had invited Snoop as a guest on her initial show. With the help of Canopy Growth, Martha Stewart is the founder of ‘Martha Stewart CBD’. If you are disappointed due to the lack of creativity in the name, I will tell you that I concur. However, she claims to not be a smoker which makes sense, because the only products under...wait for it...‘Martha Stewart CBD’ are non-psychoactive CBD isolates, such as dog food, CBD drops, gummies and ‘softgels’. These products are for consumers who are not looking to get blazed, but merely for the wellness and therapeutic power of CBD as opposed to THC.

Wiz Khalifa

Admit it, we all knew this pot-head would take the primary subject matter of his art; his music, and bring us his own strain of herb, otherwise known as ‘Khalifa Kush’. Available in Colorado’s dispensaries statewide in 2016, he later teamed up with Supreme Cannabis to create what is known as ‘Khalifa Kush Enterprises Oil’.

Kristen Bell

I know. You’re probably thinking, “Veronica Mars got that good sh*t”. Look, I will admit that it came as a surprise to me as well. However, similar to Stewart, her products are not psychoactive. Instead, ‘Happy Dance’ is a range of beauty products made from CBD extract.

Gwyneth Paltrow & Ruby Rose

Between Northern Lights and White Rhino, what do you think is Tony Stark’s prefered smoke? I ask this because, Gwyneth Paltrow and Ruby Rose have become investors into the CBD-infused energy beverage Cann.


Do you know what is ‘insane in the membrane’ to believe? Louis Mario Freeze, otherwise known as Cypress Hill’s B-Real, has six Medical Marijuana dispensaries valid in the state of California, which have been operating since around 2015.

Listed here, we have a small number of celebrities. There are many others, but I think it would be great to see how our local celebrities and influencers make it on to our local list when we shift from decriminalization to legalization.