Cannabis Medical Myths

Medical cannabis is a topic that many people do not understand. The misunderstanding is a hurdle created in the industry and has led to a number of myths arising. Here are a few myths that have been created and the truth behind them.
  1. Medical Cannabis hasn’t been studied enough: Over the years there has been many studies done on cannabis. Researchers are continuously studying the medical benefits of cannabis. While there has been a large amount of research done there is still more to be done to improve our understanding.
  2. Medical Cannabis is a “Gateway” Drug: For years it has been said that recreational cannabis is used as gateway drug to other, more dangerous drugs; this is incorrect, especially in the case of those who use cannabis for medical purposes. Through studies it has been shown that cannabis is a good substitute for opioids and tranquilizers. Other studies have shown that cannabis may be an option to reduce the abuse and addiction that can occur when using opioids and pharmaceutical sleeping aids.
  3. Medical Cannabis is only used as a reason to get high: When someone starts using cannabis for medical purposes their goal is not to experience the high that is associated with cannabis use. The main goal of medical cannabis use is instead to reduce symptoms caused by a variety of conditions. With the decrease in symptoms these individuals are able to function at levels that approach normal.
  4. Medical Cannabis is a cure all: There is huge potential for medication that is cannabis-based. It isn’t however, a cure-all answer in the medical field. There is still a huge amount of research to be done. This research is important to understand the range of benefits cannabis holds, as well as, the different health conditions that can be treated.