Can You Study High?

By Joshua

(Disclaimer: if you are underage, you should not be smoking at all, and certainly not before you try to study. In fact, you should not even be reading this article.)
We’ve all been there. You’ve got an exam in a couple of days, but your housemate/homie/dealer just gave you some of the prettiest bud you’ve ever seen. It’s an opportunity you can’t pass up. The guilt is real though. So, you end up asking yourself the question, “can I study high?”.
The answer to this question is rather vague, according to the experts. The US National Library of Medicine says that studies have shown both detrimental effects, while others have shown positive results. Below are some positives and negatives associated with studying while blazed.
It can help you brainstorm
We all know that smoking can increase your creativity, so it makes sense that being high during a brainstorming session has the potential to lead to some brilliant ideas.
It keeps you relaxed
Studying can be a very stressful process. Most students will at one point or another experience anxiety and even depression during their studies. Smoking weed has been proven to combat stress and anxiety (when the dosage is right).
Smoking helps you sleep
Any student can tell you how important sleep is to ensure optimal performance while studying. So, if smoking weed helps you to sleep after a long study session, who are we to judge.
It can be expensive
While cannabis quality has increased, so has the price. Studying is already an expensive pastime, so adding the extra cost of a couple of grams of weed a week is not necessarily ideal.
Concentration levels drop
Anyone who has smoked before can tell you that it can become difficult to concentrate while stoned. Studying while high could adversely affect your short-term memory, which is not ideal when the main goal of studying is to understand and remember information.
You only get the benefits with low doses
If you go to the library looking like a red-eye-jedi and can hardly keep your eyes open, chances are you’re probably not going to get any meaningful work done. Cannabis really isn’t so great for your short-term memory, so it’s important that if you try to study high, limit your intake.
In Conclusion
Studying high is probably not the greatest idea. Obviously, what you are studying is also an important factor. If you need to write a creative essay that requires you to think outside of the box, the smoking beforehand might help. However, if its numbers that need crunching, smoking weed might interfere with your ability do your job. At the end of the day, its all up to your personal preference, and your understanding of how smoking affects you. Take the time to figure out whether studying high works for you, before trying to study for your big final blazed out of your mind.
If you have no choice but to study while high, here is a good “How to” article on ways to get the job done.