7 go-to Munchies

By Joshua

These following meals will probably not get you that beach body that you’ve told people you’re working on, but they will satisfy that uncontrollable munchie you’ve inadvertently stumbled into after smoking your neighbour’s homegrown cheese.
In all my years as a marijuana enthusiast, these 7 snack/meal/blessings from on high have been the most satisfying.
Probably the easiest snack to make on this list, there is nothing quite like a bowl of froot loops with cold milk after a bowl of White Rhino out of an icy bong. Not only does it satisfy your need to chew on something, but there is also a droogie-curing slurp of flavoured milk to look forward to at the end.t
Fruit Salad Bowl
A fruit salad ticks two very important boxes in the characteristics of a good munchie, namely that it is thirst quenching, and has an array of different tastes and textures. They’re also aesthetically pleasing, and it’s lekker to eat pretty food when you’re high. This is also the healthiest option on the list (although high in fructose), so you won’t feel as ill after eating waaay too much of it.
Breakfast Burrito
Have you ever wanted to take a full English breakfast, wrap it all up, and eat it in one go? Well now you can, thanks to the good ol’ breakfast burrito. How do you make it, you may ask? Well, read the first sentence of this paragraph again and you’ll know how.
Fried Rice
The beauty of fried rice is that you can sort of make it however you like it. There are no wrong answers (I mean there are but who’s counting) so you can really get creative. I personally love adding chicken to mine (also because it’s usually the most delicious option on uber eats), but for the vegans out there it’s totally not necessary. It will certainly take you longer to make than some of the other items on this list, but it’s worth the effort
Toasted Cheese
It’s a classic for a reason. What’s better than slapping two pieces of bread together with some cheese in-between and then toasting it midway through watching an episode of Rick n Morty? I’ll even tell you the answer, which is nothing. The preparation time (or lack thereof) makes this a go-to when your hand-eye coordination is no longer what it usually is.
Home-Baked Choc-Chip Cookies
It’s fun because it gets messy. Reawaken your inner child by making some deluxe home-made choc-chip cookies. Reawaken the 21-year old in you by then adding THC oil. See how that turns out for you, and then start the process all over again, so that you have some non-psychosis inducing cookies to eat when you hit the eventual munchie feeling.
Tea and Rusks
I have never found a more comforting late-night snack for hitting a bong and watching a movie. This proudly South African delicacy, made famous by someone’s Ouma, takes tea to a whole ‘nother level. But be warned, you will most likely have no rusks left for your morning coffee.