5 (very) Old School Canna Facts

By Joshua

Here are five interesting historical facts related to cannabis that you may not have known about!
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79 – Pliny the Elder writes about medicinal properties of the Cannabis Plant
Pliny the Elder was an ancient Roman nobleman who was also a scientist and historian. He was also the author of Naturalis Historia (79AD), in which he wrote about how the roots of cannabis plants could ease cramped joints gout and similar violent pains, when boiled in water.
1578 – A Chinese medical text describes medical uses for Marijuana
Bencao Gangmu Materia Medica, by Li Shizhen, a Chinese medical text, describes how marijuana can be used to treat nausea, infections, and haemorrhages. The Chinese were also known to use cannabis as an appetite stimulant at this time, so you know, some things never change.
1799 – Napoleon’s army bring marijuana from Egypt to France
In 1799 Napoleon decides to invade Egypt. With him comes a scientific expedition team, who, in addition to finding the Rosetta Stone, brought marijuana back to Europe. It then became more widely used and accepted in western medicine.
1840 – Medical marijuana comes to United Kingdom and allegedly used by Queen Victoria
In 1842, cannabis was reintroduced into British medical circles by William O’Shaughnessy, an army surgeon who had served in India.it was used for spasms, menstrual cramps, rabies and epilepsy. It is also said that Queen Victoria used cannabis to ease her period pains, but there is no factual proof of this other than that her physician, Sir Robert Russel, wrote extensively on cannabis and its medicinal uses.
1850 – Marijuana Added to US Pharmacopeia
Marijuana was added to the official list of the United States Pharmacopeia, which was the official public standards-setting authority for all prescription and over-the-counter medicines. It was listed as a way to treat tetanus, typhus, alcoholism, insanity, and a host of other problems. Pretty lit if you ask me.