A passion for growing and providing impeccable service. These are the standards that Canna Clone have set for themselves and which sets them apart from the industry.

Established by a passionate young gentleman whose passion for growing started at the tender age of just 5 years old growing cannabis plants. Of course, at that young age, he had no idea what he was growing, but grew a love for growing this plant nonetheless. His passion and incredible work ethic spilled out to his teen years working at restaurants and bars and eventually delving into the wholesale sector which paved the way for his eventual concept to offer premium cannabis at wholesale prices.

Canna Clone offers its clientele premium cannabis clones delivered to your doorstep throughout South Africa. Their premium genetics comprise of Indicas, Sativas and an array of hybrids that would suit any aspiring and well knowledged grower’s tastes.

Their exclusively designed and manufactured clone transporters carry up to 6 clones fitted with LED lighting to keep the plants in a vegetative state and buffers to keep the roots moist during the transportation of the plants. Added to this, they also have an “Arrive Alive” policy attached to the transport of the plants ensuring their clienteles piece of mind that if something immeasurable were to occur, their plants will be delivered to them guaranteed.

Clients also receive a welcome and care letter with every delivery with a detailed instruction manual on how to properly care for their plants and also how to grow their plants in different grow mediums.

Their dedication to provide exceptional service exceeds all expectations; with their phone lines operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (including Easter and Christmas) to answer any queries their clients may have or any advise or guidance they require to ensure their plants will provide high quality bud.

Canna Clone is also deeply rooted into their commitment of uplifting the community. In the past year alone, they have given away over 1000 clones at various events and to people who cannot afford it. This is just the beginning in the efforts made by Canna Clone to give back to the community who have been supporting them since their establishment.

This is the work and aspirations of this fine gentleman whose goal is to set an example for entrepreneurs wanting to venture into business within the cannabis industry.

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