A Note From SKYF.CO


What a journey it has been over the last two months since dropping our first edition.

There have been birthdays, parties, events and of course the endless confusion about what is, or is not, legal when it comes to cannabis.

Whilst we at Skyf appreciate the benefit of being in a pleasantly confused state from time to time this is one area where we could all use some clarity.

To this end, our Skyf team has been hard at work and they have come up with the following basic guidelines which we believe will take us all from a state of confusion to understanding.

So here goes.

In 2018 our Constitutional Court (which is our court of choice being the highest court in the land) ruled that:

the right to privacy entitles an adult to use or cultivate or possess cannabis in private for his or her personal consumption;

dealing in cannabis would not be decriminalised;

The 2018 judgment is the foundation that future legislation will be built on. We are still waiting for this legislation and what we currently have is a Cannabis Bill which is not law.

It has not yet been determined as to how many plants you can grow or how much cannabis you can possess for it still to be regarded as being for personal use. This has been left for Parliament to determine (remember the Cannabis Bill is not law).

While we wait for Parliament it will be for the police to determine, on reasonable grounds, as to whether the quantity in your possession puts you in the category of a personal user or dealer. So, for the moment less quantity and better quality seems to be the simple answer.

An adult may privately/discreetly possess cannabis in public for his or her personal consumption in private.

In terms of a directive issued by the South African Police Services an adult passenger may travel with cannabis on a domestic airline provided that the quantity of cannabis is small (for private consumption) and it is stored discreetly.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, we can move onto happier news in the Cannabis community.

The Toke House
First up, a big happy birthday to the Toke House, who celebrated their 1st birthday! A big thanks to Dave and his beautiful wife Nat, who makes everyone that walks through their doors feel welcome! The cup Cakes were absolutely delicious, thank you Nat!

Mhlungu 420
Another well-deserved thanks goes out to Tim from Mhlungu420, who is both a gentleman and a scholar. We’ve had the privilege of running into him a number of times over the last few months, and we feel he deserves a big thank you for all the great work he is doing to add value to our wonderful community. We also had the great privilege of meeting James Bong a number of times, look out for where he will be next.

Taste Buds Café
A big thank you to taste buds for the amazing weekend hosted to the community. Giving us a sneak peak into exciting future plans.

Magic Dragon Group
A big congratulations to Madaleine Pappas on the acquisition of the Magic Dragon Group. Wishing you and the Group all the best for the future!

Ladies 420
Congratulations to Misty on the opening of Ladies 420 Salon and Spa in Durban North. What an amazing haven for ladies to escape to!
Growweed Africa
Congratulations to the Growweed Africa Team on the opening of their second store at the Kloof Village Mall in Kloof.

Hemp Tour 2021
The Hemp Tour hosted by Canna Fields and Crafted Hemp Farm, co-sponsored by Coffee to Grow, Canna Clone, Hydrobiz, Green Gold Apparel and ourselves was a great success. What an amazing and informative day. Thank you to all!

Rasta Boer
A big thank you to Rasta Boer for the mugs.