Who are we?

The BeatDispensary was created as a boutique creative platform within the music and entertainment space. We at the BeatDispensary are dedicated to building the current music industry and to finding and giving new musicians or young talent a platform to excel and obtain the required exposure from.

We understand how difficult it can be within the industry to build a steady revenue stream or obtain bookings for young or start up musicians or disk jockeys. It is for this reason we have put together a platform that not only allows music enthusiasts to learn what they need to but to also obtain the bookings they so desperately need.

The BeatDispensary platform is an extensive innovative platform consisting of these four main pillars:

  1. Music
  2. Events
  3. Talent Agency
  4. The Beat Academy


Music has the ability to touch someone personally and alter their emotional state; it can enhance it, allow you to reminisce on a childhood memory or even trigger feelings of sadness. Yet it still has the ability to bring a group of people together at the same time. There is nothing quite like being in the middle of a concert with thousands of people all feeling as one, yet it is still able to touch each individual on a very personal level.

We have an in-depth love for music and its very unique qualities. Through the BeatDispensary we want to uplift the community of music and enhance an existing network of talented artists.

Within the music platform we will:

  • Engage with industry players
  • Conduct artist interviews
  • Have a shared playlist allowing artists to share their library on music and sounds for download
  • Provide a showcase platform for artists
  • Provide a review platform for artists


We want to grow and empower talented individuals; as well as engage with stakeholders of all fields in the music industry to better the industry in its entirety.


The BeatDispensary provides a full events package that will allow for the ease of any event whether big or small for the host.

Our events platform covers everything from the planning and management, lighting, sound equipment, booking and ticketing systems (cashless or not), to the DJ or artists you would like to perform at the event.

Our extensive relationships network allows us access to new talent, leading artists, promotors, venues and various stakeholders in the music and events industry.

Talent Agency

The talent agency is a platform to assist artists in management and promotion. What we wish to achieve here is to create a body that services artist in their respective field and give them opportunities to achieve their desired goals.

We work with talent and clients to achieve the most desirable outcome for all parties involved. Giving a platform for artists to acquire the bookings and exposure they need.

We will be constantly moulding the framework to help service the required needs of all parties.

Beat Academy

The Beat Academy is a Training Academy that focuses on the elements surrounding Deejay’s and the technical aspects of sound. This will be an accredited DJ academy that gives the learner the skills, knowledge, and experience to become a professional DJ.

This course will include the following modules which will be divided into theorical and practical:

  • The History of the Disk Jockey
  • Understanding Music and its Variety
  • Understanding of Equipment
  • Understanding Mixing
  • Advanced Techniques
  • The Science of Sound – Knowing your Audio & Visual Environment
  • Business Development
  • Internship


Each of these elements are critical components which we believe are vital elements for us to provide the tools to individuals that wish to enrol in the Academy.

The Academy will have guest speakers & teachers from the industry, so that REAL insight can be shared from current industry players.

In conclusion, the BeatDispensary is a platform for creative individuals of different backgrounds to engage and promote their worlds.

We want to produce DOPE work by DOPE people and truly assist young or up and coming talent to achieve success when following their dreams and passion!

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