Getting To Know Mary Jane Inc.

Distributors of Cannabinoid Products, Goodies, Skin Care and Apparel.

Their vision: To offer the highest quality cannabis related products to those in need of cannabis intervention & treatment at an affordable price!

This is the ethos that Mary Jane Inc has sworn by and will guarantee to all their clients.

Mary Jane Inc is a fully fledged online store owned and managed by Craig who got involved in the cannabis industry 4 years ago.

Before immersing himself into the cannabis industry, Craig owned and managed a successful financial advisory practice for 21 years. Craig stated during the interview that his extensive knowledge about human physiology and anatomy was developed during his tenure as a Financial Advisor – when substandard rates were offered by Underwriters and Re-Insurance Companies, knowledge was paramount to debate the merits of these underwriting terms and decisions.

There’s something to be said about the lengths that Craig has gone to research the wonders of the medicinal aspects of cannabis and the range of enzymes that cannabis has blessed us with. It is with this knowledge that he and his dynamic team have researched and developed fundamentally superior products that they can offer to their clients throughout South Africa. Fundamentally superior, by virtue of the fact that, the FULL EXTENT of the “Entourage Effect” – Terpenes, CBD and THC are incorporated into Mary Jane’s various blends.

This research is especially evident in Craig’s complete disdain for FECO and RSO.

As Craig states, ““FECO” and RSO have been around for decades and it’s been well documented that they may work… The essence of the aforementioned extraction process though is to use some form of alcohol (such as ethanol) to extract the cannabis from the bud. Ethanol is a highly toxic organic chemical compound, a simple alcohol.” Craig’s concern is the toxicity of the FECO and RSO! “The extraction and purging process attached to FECO and RSO is in the vast majority of instances extremely rudimentary and basic. Unless the aforementioned extraction processes are undertaken in a state-of-the-art laboratory, it is a physical impossibility to purge these toxins from the FECO & RSO completely.”

“People need to understand that manufacturers of FECO and RSO active in the market right now are using some form of alcohol to extract the enzymes from the bud and this is complicating the vitality and general wellbeing of the clients they intend to assist!”

Ethanol has its origin in sugar cane and the very essence of glucose metastasizes ANY form of cancer in a cancer fighter. He further assured us that his experience with Auto-Immune disease sufferers on FECO & RSO is equally concerning.

He elaborates – “What’s happening in the market right now can be best described as emotional extortion! People are desperate! They have nowhere to turn and they are suffering! They are regrettably being taken advantage of! People are paying exorbitant amounts of money for products that they have no idea how they are being made or whether they have been lab tested to determine the actual result of their product and it’s efficacy.”

It is to this degree that Mary Jane Inc has gone to extreme lengths to ensure that the products that they offer are prepared utilising the finest quality raw ingredients – Terpenes, Broad Spectrum CBD Isolate and THC Distillate and void of any contamination.

Their manufacturing partner who provides them with their cannabis oil extracts, has developed a sophisticated laboratory which utilises, amongst others, a Super Critical CO² Extraction machine for their extraction process. The growing and extraction laboratory is a fully licensed EU/US GMP facility that is SAHPRA approved. 10Kg of dry bud goes through a meticulous 7 step process (which includes extraction, winterization and decarboxylation) that eventually yields 1 Litre of THC distillate which has consistently been tested at NAFS (National Analytical Forensic Services) yielding between 78%-84% pure THC.

Mary Jane’s obsession with attaining optimum results (quality of blend, pricing and efficacy of treatment) throughout their entire product offering including Broad Spectrum CBD and Terpenes is manifested in the passion that is prevalent in their work. It’s their dedication to research and development that helped Craig and his team better understand “The Entourage Effect” which was pioneered by a Canadian Cannabis Researcher in the early 2000’s. Craig has formulated a Matrix that details which Terpenes specifically treat certain physiological ailments.

As Craig states, “Understand the science behind Cannabis and you’ve won half the battle!”

He goes on to say, “In terms of the human ECS system (Endocannabinoid System), one of the reasons why cannabis works as well as what it does is due to the fact that Terpenes activate your body’s ECS & when you ingest THC & CBD into your body it drops or raises your body’s PH level to a PERFECT Neutral 7.4.”

“At this neutral PH state your body is not acidic nor alkaline. It is a physical impossibility for any illness to proliferate when your body is at that neutral PH state.”

By understanding what your body is battling with, the CBD, THC and Terpene infused oils are individually and specifically blended to cater for the individual’s unique needs and requirements.

In addition to this phenomenon, your body is induced into a deep state of REM sleep, where your body literally “heals” itself once this deep state of restorative sleep has been achieved which our modern-day existence deprives us of.

A further point that Craig illustrates is that cannabis and its remarkable enzymes are NOT a silver bullet that is miraculously going to heal you or your loved ones overnight. “It has taken weeks, months & in some instances years to develop the impaired state of health you find yourself in – be true to these natural & organic enzymes & you WILL be blown away by their healing & restorative capabilities!”

“Instead of being reactive to our state of health & vitality we MUST embrace a more proactive approach – commence with the Entourage Effect as soon as possible & your state of health WILL be significantly enhanced!”

You would think that after all this that you would expect to fork out massive amounts of money to acquire these products from Mary Jane. Incredibly, the infused oils available at Mary Jane Inc are sold at a third of the price that one would expect to pay for any equivalent product on the market. How is this possible, you may ask?

Craig responds to this question saying, “Everything that we do, is the best that your money can buy. Why? Because we’ve done all the research, it’s being made with passion. Everything that we offer can be backed with a lab test, regrettably there are not many companies in South Africa that can say this!”

As Craig says, “I’ve seen gummies in the market with claims that it’s got 60mg THC in it. So, we ask the person making these gummies, how do they know that? And they would say that they took 60g of bud to make the gummies. This is the reason why people are getting so put off with the bad experiences from edibles because the person making it has no idea what the dosage actually is!”

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“Take a moment to reflect on what people are doing to make their edibles… They’re taking bud and making a Canna Butter with it or even grinding the entire bud and putting that into their edibles and basically contaminating it with the plant matter! The reason why Mary Jane’s edibles are different is because of the distillate we use.” They know the precise dosages of all their edibles, “I know for a fact that if I give you a block of vanilla fudge there is a 35mg dose in it, I know that if I give you a mini-chocolate slab there is a 45mg dose in it.”

Mary Jane Inc is devoted to the cause of helping as many people as they can to gain access to the healing that cannabis has to offer. This is evident in the multiple positive testimonials they have received over the past many months and strategic partnerships that have formulated.

“We have a “Mad Scientist” who creates our Vape formulas and 2 “Mad Chefs” who create all the delectable edibles on offer.”

To conclude our interview, Craig goes on to make one final point regarding FECO and RSO, “The biggest limitation in what Mary Jane Inc is attempting to do is to educate (specific to the fact that there needs to be an increased awareness of what fuels/chemicals & solvents are being utilised in their extraction process) certain individuals within the industry and society as a whole! Not withstanding the fact that there is an exceptional base of knowledge across the entire industry!

“There are some truly remarkable individuals within our Industry, individuals that have sacrificed a great deal so that we as South Africans can be in the frustrating, all be it fortunate situation we find ourselves in and individuals that have added and continue to add significant value to our beloved industry!”

“With the aforementioned stated, people are resistant to change, they have been accustomed to the FECO and RSO due to the fact that they (FECO & RSO) have been around for decades and have worked to some extent. The fact that it’s worked all this time is an astonishing feat in itself and that speaks to how amazing the cannabis enzymes actually are that even after the process of extraction with the ethanol, which is highly toxic, there is enough of the cannabis enzymes to remedy whatever ailment it is that the person was struggling with in their physiological state.”

“We at Mary Jane Inc believe that because of the way Mary Jane has been developed, our scientific and proficient approach to our amazing industry and the many people we have assisted and continue to assist, Mary Jane will be the de facto cannabis company in the South African Cannabis industry… and POSSIBLY internationally!”

Mary Jane Inc:

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