The Magic Dragon Group

Your all-in-one destination and safe haven for both experienced and new cannabis users.

Situated in the bustling suburbs of Rivonia and Fourways in Johannesburg and Lynnwood in Pretoria this establishment’s origins into the freedom of the cannabis community grows deep within its roots. Established in mid-2019, The Magic Dragon Group offers consumers a chance to indulge in the pleasures of cannabis on a broad scale in a relaxed and informative environment.

They have a wide variety of CBD products including growing necessities, CBD Oils, vapes, dabbing equipment, every smoking essential that one can think of, cannabis inspired apparel, cannabis related paraphernalia and AmaDeadly Seeds genetics.

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The Magic Dragon Group, in of itself, intends to be a franchise group of stores in the cannabis industry. Their intent is to bring the cannabis community an all-in-one store, meeting place and the general public a place that they can be introduced to the world of cannabis in an informative and welcoming manner.

Founded by couple Quintin and Jessica van Kerken; Quintin, who is a former Director of Treatment at the Clear Option Treatment Programme and most prevalently known as one of the expert witnesses who presented substantiative evidence on the costs associated with cannabis related criminal offences and convictions in The Trial of the Plant which has taken us a step closer to full legalisation. In the findings of this report he discovered that cannabis needs to be legalised as it’s hurting more people than helping and costing everyone millions to do so. Further to this it costs the government and taxpayers billions of Rands to arrest cannabis users with extremely few convictions coming from those arrests.

Quintin has since stepped away from The Magic Dragon to focus on his health and family after being diagnosed with a serious heart condition and the birth of his and his wife’s third son handing the batten over of the continued growth of the franchise to Madaleine Pappas.

Speaking of The Magic Dragon Group Quintin and Jess say, “We believe that the success of the stores is directly linked to the supporting communities recognising a safe and healthy space where they may share knowledge and experience while having an unprecedented access of resources to further develop it. We could not imagine handing over the Group to anyone else except Madaleine. Under her leadership The Magic Dragon is sure to succeed and continue growing.”

Give Magic Dragon a visit at one of their stores or you can visit their online store at

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