Spotlight: A-iesha and Remy Reece

This issue we put the Spotlight on this amazing Duet and Couple.

You used to hear it every weekend. The thumping drums, the slapping 808s and the roar of the crowd. But things have taken a certain shift. Hosting and attending events has changed. We went from large crowds and larger than life acts to a more low-key scene due to our shared circumstances forcing us to stay cosy at home. But that hasn’t deterred a local South African couple from keeping the jam pumping.

A-iesha and Remy Reece are a pair of musicians from Mzansi. They describe themselves as eclectic due to their many diversities. An interracial couple with a nine-year age gap and a passion for music. A-iesha’s melodic voice marries itself perfectly to the beat and vocals of her rapper counterpart, weaving together a tapestry of near flawless music that has the potential to reach the international stage. Compared to his partner A-iesha, Remy is a fresher face in the industry but he has a few solo songs under his belt.

His classical gangsta rap flow on his single “Madiba’s” glides effortlessly over the beat while the joint outing with his partner and collaborator A-iesha, titled “Long Night”, their new single, features a more mellow flow but it still contains the same ruthless delivery and sharp punchlines, bearing a surprising air of refreshing honesty and bars laced with references to the use of cannabis, which reflect the pairs own outlook toward the substance as a tool for enlightenment. They also spoke about how cannabis has helped them in a medical sense and are firm believers in the plant and what it can do both in healing and creativity, for those of legal age of course. They are very intentional about this, as role models to both children and young adults their stance on cannabis is as law abiding as it gets. The couple both run and are a part of awareness, support and upliftment groups. A-iesha has her own motivational page on Instagram called Pink Life Quotes. Remy runs a depression movement called Breaking Free With Remy which is something he is very passionate about, they encourage anyone that needs any support or assistance with depression to please reach out to them before it is too late. You can find Breaking Free With Remy on Facebook and Instagram.

Their new single, which has been a few months in the making, was released on the 23rd of April 2021. The lyric scripting started with Remy freestyling it on his daily walk over the space of a month, where it was then fine-tuned and originally first recorded in their home studio. Once their demo was complete, then only did they start to obtain a support system and crew assisting to move the single forward. Through hard work and dedication, the couple confirm that you can achieve what you set out to, they advise any up and coming artist to adapt this approach and persevere to achieve your goals like they did. When working on or recording a song, make sure that your song sounds good, that you like the song first, refrain from using too many swear words within the lyrics then understand where you will be pushing your song to and get yourself out there. There are many distribution companies and free platforms that you can add your music to like Spotify and Sound Cloud, you will also need to then get everything completed with SAMRO.

We look forward to great things from this couple in the future, from all of us here at The BeatDispensary we thank you for all the hard work you do for the community and wish you all the best.

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