In this fast-growing, developing and high demand market of indoor home grow equipment, there has been a lack in the development of technology and value-added solutions that can not only provide invaluable data and a level of control but give you piece-of-mind to know what’s happening in your grow space even when you aren’t there. This is where the SASH Controller comes in.

Ruan De Kock, a Research and Development Specialist, experienced issues with his personal grow, he had no reporting to assist in improving his grow and had no control thereof. Not to mention constantly being worried if anything may have occurred during the day or evening when he was not at home. Being a person who specialises in new technological innovations (this is clearly attested by the number of innovative gadgets installed across his home) and also being a systems developer for enterprise systems, who wanted to grow from home and have a single management platform for everything, this frustrated him. And so, he started with the development and brought the idea to the team which was how the Sash Controller and Sash Journal was born.

The Sash Controller is an IoT (Internet of Things) controller that connects to your home Wi-Fi and provides you with all the control you ever dreamed of in your indoor grow space. It can control up to 6 devices from your main power that has an integrated circuit breaker for additional safety. As an indoor grower you understand the frustrations that take place, gone are the days of only being able to put a plug on and off based on a timer or relay. The Sash Controller can be configured with advanced customisable rules that react to changing conditions in the way that you would react automatically. For instance, being able to set your fans to behave differently during different periods of the day (light on) and night (light off) and to react to sudden changes in temperature and humidity. (e.g., turn on the additional fans when the temperature is above a certain degree and the light is turned on). Your profile of rules are completely customisable based on your grow technique and are downloaded to the controller where it is saved and will continue to work even when it loses internet connection. Programming your personality into the controller of your preferred reaction to various circumstances is something that all SASH users have come to love.


You could schedule a profile change in the future when you will not be available to do it yourself (e.g. switch to flowering while on holiday).

Previously when growing indoors devices like lights, fans and heaters had to be plugged into timers and relays to make basic decisions based on a single condition. And when load shedding happens, everything is out of sync again. No data gets recorded, and you never knew what really happened when you were not there to observe it. Missing important events in plants life that would have changed your behaviour.

So, what do you get with the SASH Controller to make these critical decisions?

Mobile - Dashboard2

Sensor –
The SASH Controller comes with a highly accurate Bosch temperature and humidity sensor. This sensor can be configured to your profile to sample data regularly and feed information to you of environmental changes. This would allow you to activate/deactivate certain devices based on that change. This gives the user the ability to react on those conditions without even entering your grow space.

Camera –
Equipped with an auto-focusing HD camera for scheduled and on-demand image capturing. This allows the user with the ability to capture images for keeping record of visual information of your plant’s life cycle.

Hardware Clock –
Each SASH Controller comes with a hardware clock with a battery backup that will keep time during load shedding, so that when the power comes back on again, the correct time is restored on your controller and correct behaviour is enforced.

How can I keep a record of all my data and where can I access it?

The SASH Journal is a full management system where all your data is uploaded from the controller to your personal journal in the cloud. The information from the journal can be accessed from anywhere that you have internet connection. Even make changes to your profile while on holiday. The Controller updates automatically and enforces your new rules, giving you peace of mind.

The Journal management system allows you to identify and configure individual plants in your grow for ease of reference, add new journal entries to identify important stages in your plants lifecycle, configure watering and nutrient feeding schedules to send through notifications and never miss a watering or feeding schedule and a host of other features including the ability to save the entire historical journey of your grow to investigate and distinguish between your successes and failures so that you can learn and improve. This information is invaluable; imagine being able to pinpoint exactly what impacted your grow negatively to ensure your next grow is even better by applying your grow expertise? Giving you the ability to look back in time at conditions to figure out what went wrong. “I see this is wrong now, but what happened in the last two weeks to cause it”. SASH gives growers the ability to use their own skills to make decisions with the data it provides.


In addition to all the amazing capabilities, features and wealth of information you get from your SASH system you will also have SASH Remote, a downloadable mobile Android application that can be connected to your SASH Controller to access your SASH Journal and even help position the camera and sensor to provide you with best results and readings. You will never have to leave an event early again as all you will need to do check your grow, the conditions and status of all the historical data is as easy as checking your phone. Add journal entries on-the-go with photos and your own text of events you want to log for future reference from the SASH Remote. Configure alerts in your profile for extreme conditions and get alerted on SASH Remote when they happen (e.g. temperature of over 30 degrees for 5 minutes).

Here is the big question: Can the SASH Controller save me money and how much does it cost?

One of the unique features of the SASH Controller is where plugs can be put on at a percentage of the time to save on unneeded power usage. For example, the controller can put the air extractor plug on 50% of each 30 minutes (15 minutes on followed by 15 minutes off) while the light plug is off. Another big part in reducing costs is knowing your usage. With Sash, you can configure each plug with the wattage rating of the device you have plugged into it. Using this, and the time the plug was on, SASH can show you your power usage to assist you in reducing usage.

It also saves cost in reducing the occurrences in losses of plants:

  • Knowing early enough that something is wrong and reduce plant stress (hermies).
  • Begin able to automatically react with profile rules to stop over stress (hermies).
  • Keeping plants at a correct VPD factor (for loss in output)


How much does it cost for you to get the SASH Controller which includes the SASH Journal and SASH Remote application?

Well, about a third of the price that you would have expected to pay for this proudly locally designed one-of-a-kind innovative piece of technology that SASH has to offer.

Visit the SASH website on for more information and also look out for a soon-to-be-released new version of the SASH Controller with fully wireless power switching capabilities catering for the medium-sized 100m tunnel growers.

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