Hydro-Herb Africa

Hydro Herb Africa (Hydro Herb) was founded by Zane in 2012. From their humble beginnings (a double garage in Walkerville) they have grown in leaps and bounds to become a leader in their field and now operate out their warehouse facility in Booysens.

In chatting to Zane about Hydro Herb’s business it was immediately evident that we were dealing with a true and passionate cannapreneur. Hydro Herb’s business is a product of this passion and drive which, as Zane explains, is aimed at providing everything that you would need to ensure a world-class grow. Everything we ask, and Zane nods and confidently states “yes everything”.


In support of this Zane points out that the business came about as a result of his not being able to find the products and equipment that he needed when he wanted to start a hydroponics grow. No matter where he searched, he just could not find what he needed. Simple things by today’s standards like PH Pens, EC Pens and growing media could not be found and when he did find it, it was prohibitively expensive. Whilst some would have just given up, this mindset does not apply to Zane who chose to see the opportunity and not the obstacle. The opportunity being to make it easier for the next person to find the items they needed for their grows at prices that did not make their eyes water and their wallets infinitely lighter. It has taken years for Hydro Herb to get where they are today and when we took a tour of their facility we can see why. They do indeed, from a growing perspective, have everything, from A to Z.

When asked as to what their biggest hurdle was in delivering this A to Z service/solution Zane was quick to answer that it had to be the sourcing and securing of trending equipment. Trending equipment being the cutting-edge equipment that has become synonymous with the cannabis industry. Zane explains that it is not uncommon to be met in the warehouse by an excited grower who shows you a YouTube clip and asks you for the equipment in the clip. Zane explains “…if we don’t have the equipment it becomes our mission to source it. This makes us who we are.”

So, what do Hydro Herb supply (and don’t say “everything” we hear you say). Ok, so they supply growing tables, editing systems, their own organic nutrient range, lighting supply, their own mix of soils (they do 90/10, 50/50, 70/30, organic blends as well as special blends to meet a growers specific needs) and the list goes on. Importantly, Zane again stresses, that the issue of pricing is massively important to Hydro Herb’s success which is dependant on grower satisfaction. This satisfaction is also achieved by providing information and guidance in relation to all aspects of your grow. (They also run a WhatsApp group to assist with all growing related questions).

So, whether you are an experienced grower or only just starting your first grow, Hydro Herb’s team are equipped with experts to walk you all the way through from the vegetative stage right through to harvesting, curing and drying.

We also asked Zane what he has seen in terms of industry growth over the years and what he would like to see within the industry in South Africa in the next ten years? He says the industry has exploded over the last few years, and it’s progressed from being quite simple and basic to now using “trending equipment“. There are a lot of guys applying for licenses, applying for research permits, it has really grown in leaps and bounds,” says Zane. They are currently assisting and supplying a number of large farmers, GMP Facilities and those currently obtaining licensing both in Lesotho and South Africa. Zane also says, “We really have gone a long way in the industry, and I really hope in the next 10 years to see the industry in a light that is very positive for the country and benefits a lot of the people within the country. We have amazing lights, amazing people and the ability to do very well and I believe that South Africa as a whole needs to capatalise on that and take the cannabis industry to another level.”

Hydro Herb Africa

156 Side Road, Booysens, Johannesburg South, 2091


010 880 2615